Mt. McKinley

747 Pass in the Ruth Gorge

747 Pass

Flickr member and climber Eric Dacus posted this excellent image of the Ruth Gorge in the McKinley Massive, Alaska taken with a Canon 5D.

Many years ago a few friends and I flew through and landed in that gorge with the famed bush/glacier pilot Doug Geeting. It was incredible. The Ruth Gorge is one of the deepest on earth: the rock walls on each side rise over 5000 feet off the glacier and the ice of the glacier is thousands of feet thick in the gorge. It’s an incredible place.

Climbing Denali

The Cookiedoughs

“Myself, Trav and Melissa pictured with the sign at Wonder Lake, the starting point of our climb up Denali. We took the Muldrow Glacier route, so the first week of the 30 day climb was spent ferrying gear, food and fuel across the tundra which my dad was kind enough to help with. From there on we were on our own, taking the next twenty days to reach the summit, and three more to get out.”

Joe Stylos has a great flickr set on his climb of Denali (Mt. McKinley) in Alaska. Amazingly, he carried a Canon EOS 5D and an EF 24-105mm f/4L lens up there.

What a fantastic adventure. I’ve been on this mountain (never got to the top) and it’s one of the most spectacular (and dangerous) places on earth. Well done Joe, Trav, and Melissa.

The Final Push

“Climbing by a massive cornice on the summit ridge.”