Mt. Greylock

Haley Farms fields

Looking toward Mt. Greylock from Haley Farms

Looking toward Mt. Greylock from Haley Farms

Haley Farms Trail, Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts.

I met my old hiking partner Dave (who lives in Vermont now) for a hike up the Hopper Trail to the top of Greylock and down the Haley Farms trail. We’ve done this hike countless times before in every season including on snow shoes. Great hike and we were so busy talking and catching up neither of us took many pictures.

The grass in the field had a nice softness to it so I took two shots, one looking back toward Greylock and one looking the other way toward the trail head. The softness brought to mind an Andrew Wyeth painting.

The Ricoh GR continues to amaze me with its ability to pick up detail I’ve not seen other compact cameras pick up. Now, if it would stop picking up dust on its sensor I’d be even happier.

Haley Farms field

Haley Farms field

Hawkweed on Greylock

Hawkweed on Greylock

Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts. As we hiked over the top of Greylock (Hopper Trail to Appalachian Trail to Moneybrook Trail) we spotted a small stand of hawkweed wildflowers. The droplets on the hairs of their stems looked great although it was tough to find an angle to shoot them from without getting our legs soaked.

Black birches from below

Black birches from below

On Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts. Hiking down the Haley Farm Trail on the west side of Mt. Greylock we came across a dead black birch with huge mushrooms on it. Hiked out to the tree and shot straight up hoping to catch the mushrooms but instead got an interesting shot of the creepy decaying tree and the trees around it.

Nora and Dave on Money Brook Trail, Mt. Greylock

Nora and Dave on Money Brook Trail, Mt. Greylock

Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts. We hike Greylock quite a bit but we’d not done this particular trail which was wonderful. About 12 miles on varied terrain; up the Hopper trail, over the top, down the Appalachian trail, then connecting to the Money Brook trail through Money Brook falls and the switchbacks (this shot) and the ravine. Very nice hike and we had a nice time.

Hiking Mt. Greylock

Start of The Hopper, Mt. Greylock

Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts. Loren, Dave and I decided to return to Mt. Greylock to hike another slightly longer trail called The Hopper. It’s about 8 miles round trip and about 2500 feet of grain. We spent two hours going up, an hour on top, and two hours coming down. Those of you who hike like this know that coming down is hardest: knees take a beating. Poles help.

This is an excellent hike, highly recommended. We plan to do it again in winter.

Mt. Greylock

Mt. Greylock Monument

Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts. My friend Loren (on the left) and I have been walking together almost every Friday for three years now. Most of our walks are around here in the Steep Rock land trust and we decided to do something a bit more adventurous.

Mt. Greylock is both a mountain and a state park in the northwest corner of Massachusetts. It’s the highest point in the state and our walk up the Roaring Brook Trail on the west side from Rt. 7 climbed about 2500 feet in 4 miles. While I’ve done many other walks and climbs that were more strenuous, I’ve not done them recently. And, it just so happened that it was hot and humid out.

It was a great walk, not too hard and the park is wonderful. Some of our route took the Appalachian trail and we saw a half dozen hikers doing the entire 2500 mile length of it.

I’m quite sure we’ll return here in the fall, the colors in the panoramic views will be magnificent.