This is a trailer for a new movie about to be released, Margaret.

Besides looking like an excellent new film by the writer and director Kenneth Lonergan who did You Can Count on Me, the film has a controversial production history which is worth reading about in the Wikipedia entry (read the Production notes).

It seems Lonergan had a hard time editing the movie and took so long that the producers freaked out, people sued each other, and the movie wasn’t released on schedule. No doubt many movies have a bumpy road from idea to release and many movies never get released. Reading about this one is fascinating to me because I’m a fan of what Lonergan did with You Can Count on Me and I know what it’s like to be controlling enough to not let go of a vision.

Update: I’ve pushed this post up again, The New York Times has published a piece on Longergan and the process of making this movie: Kenneth Lonergan’s Thwarted Masterpiece.

And, Amazon has it available for pre-order on DVD: Margaret.