Mamen shooting the Housatonic

Mamen shooting the Housatonic

Bull’s Bridge, Connecticut. Bull’s Bridge* (behind Mamen) is one of the oldest covered bridges in Connecticut and the Housatonic River, which runs under it drops in a series of falls and rapids that Mamen is “shooting” here.

We’d driven by this spot on our way to the Metro North train to New York and decided to return there to see if we could find a photo or two. It was a bit bright for shots like this so we didn’t do well but it was fun anyway, just being out with a good friend.

*The wonderful thing about this bridge, for me, is that in the 1930s my father used to hitch hike up Rt. 22 from New York and walk across this bridge on his way to various waiter jobs in camps and lodges tucked into the lakes in Connecticut near where I now live. Later, when I used to drive him across Bull’s bridge he’d start into one of many long stories about all the girlfriends… never mind.

The Mothership

The Mothership

This is the main building at Apple Computer, Inc.’s campus in Cupertino, California. In the gift shop there were t-shirts with the text “I visited the mothership.” I’d have bought one but there were only extra large sizes left.

Mamen and I have a common friend in the iPhoto group at Apple and given that we’re both avid Mac and iPhoto users we thought it would be fun to have lunch with him. It was incredibly exciting to be back at Apple after (for me) over ten years.