Cutting granite

Dennis Carter, founder and owner of Deer Isle Hostel in Maine uses a 2-pound hammer to split a 26,000 pound block of lovely Deer Isle granite. This is the first of many cuts. When finished, the resulting smaller blocks will be used to make the foundation of a workshop that he is building at the hostel.

Dennis: a real down east Maineiac. Love it.

More on Dennis’ Deer Isle Hostel.

Maine laptop in schools program ten years later

Would a Laptop for Every Student Help? In Maine It Certainly Did

One of the many reasons Angus King and others in Maine chose Macs was the more mature “universal access” features on Macs. What Maine did with laptops remains one of the best implementations of computers in schools to date.

Given that writing is a large component of what these laptops are used for and a high percentage of students learn to touch type, iPads probably won’t be folded into the mix any time soon.