Bug on flower

Bug on weed

Washington, Connecticut, Macricostas Preserve. This little flower is about one half in across (this is not a daisy) and after going to all the trouble to set up the tripod and get things lined up, an intruder dropped in. I figured he’d leave soon enough but he stayed for twenty minutes so I gave up, paid him his modeling fee and took the shot.

Water droplets on leaf

Water droplets on leaf

Descending Mt. Everett in southwest Massachusetts we saw a leaf on the trail that was shimmering in the bright sunlight. On close inspection it was full of water droplets. Unfortunately the leaf was bowed which meant that even stopped down macro images were likely to be out of focus on the edges. What an amazing property of water to hold together through surface tension in a droplet.

Thomas Shahan’s macro photography

Adult Male Jumping Spider at Sunset - Phidippus mystaceus

Adult Male Jumping Spider at Sunset – Phidippus mystaceus

I saw the above video of Thomas Shahan’s work on this morning.

Not only do I love Thomas’s photographic work but the narration of the video is spot on about photographic process. He really walks the walk and he’s got a great attitude for any kind of photography.

Here’s his site: Thomas Shahan. Here’s Thomas Shahan’s photostream on flickr. Here’s his YouTube channel.

Yes, Thomas has great images of spiders but there’s a lot more to this guy than macro photography. Dig around and you’ll find guitars, basset hounds, and more.

Queen Anne’s Lace from underneath

Queen Anne's Lace from underneath

Macricostas Preserve, Steep Rock. Washington, Connecticut. Went back to the same tall Queen Anne’s lace plant today with 5D and 100mm macro lens both of which I’m out of practice using. I think the shots with deeper focus are better but I somehow liked the shallow depth of field and blur in this one and the detail in the undercarriage of the plant. Best to return again and keep trying.

Today I had a group of great people with me, the new “Steep Rock Photo Club” or whatever we’re going to call it. Fun to get out with a group of nice folks and do some shooting. I hope we continue to meet up.