macro photography

Insect portraits of Levon Biss

Microsculpture from Levon Biss on Vimeo.

Levon Biss is a British professional photographer who has made a series of portraits of insects. That collection, which will be displayed in a show at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History from 27 May – 30 October, 2016, is called Microsculpture.

If you click on “Explore” on the above Microsculpture link you’ll see all of the insects in the show and you can zoom in and out to see an amazing amount of detail.

He uses an incredible process: because of the extreme shallow depth of field of macro photography each image is made up of thousands of individual photographs that are layered together to make a three dimensional form.

[via PetaPixel]

Taking macro shots of roses going by

Macro setup for roses

My wife was given some roses by one of her students (maybe looking for a better grade… not) and they were going by, almost dead. She was about to toss them in the compost heap but I thought it might be fun to photograph them first.

The skylights in our home office are perfect for this kind of photography so here’s the setup. Notice the tripod leg not fully extended to get some lean over the table. This can be done with almost any tripod and it’s a great technique.

Macro setup for roses

I also used an external switch to push the shutter button to eliminate vibration (thanks for the recommendation Dale) and I highly recommend it.

These setup images was taken with my wife’s Canon S400 elph. The one below were taken by the 20D and a 60mm f/2.8 macro lens.

Roses going by

Porcelain “nut” in hand

Porcelain "nut" in hand

In rummaging through a box of old stuff I found the porcelain “nut” that I’d scanned and posted here. Amazing how small it is but how big that other photograph makes it look.

For the other photo I had a 55mm Micro Nikor lens which did not magnify as much as the 100mm macro I’m using now but I also had a bellows which allowed me to move the lens far enough away from the camera body to get more than 1 to 1 magnification.

I think once I learn more about depth of field I’m gonna want to get closer than I can get now, this is fun and I have so much cool junk to photograph. Not that anyone cares but it’s a heck of a lot of fun.