MacPaint print

MacPaint print

I had one of the first 128K Macintosh computers in Eugene, Oregon and while I did a lot of writing with MacWrite, I also did a lot of “drawing” with MacPaint.

MacPaint was written by Bill Atkinson (one of the core members of the original Macintosh team at Apple) who added lots of fun touches to all of his early software. MacPaint had various distortions and to be honest, I can’t remember which one was responsible for this image (maybe “invert” and/or “trace edges”). I didn’t draw this; instead I drew some random shapes and chose what would now be called a “filter” and this was the result. It delighted me to no end and I made hundreds of these which I printed on my ImageWriter dot matrix printer.

I’m posting this now because I’m cleaning our basement and found boxes and boxes of old Macintosh related keepsakes, including some of my old writing and drawing done on my first Mac (not my first computer but close).

I had to run upstairs and pop an antihistamine; between dust and mold it was like an archeological dig.

Bill Atkinson – Within The Stone

within_the_stoneBill Atkinson released a book of photographs that is outstanding. I’ve followed his career, both at Apple (one of the fathers of the Macintosh, and author of MacPaint, HyperCard, and more) and as a photographer.

This latest work is some of his finest and is near and dear to my heart: in my earlier years as a potter I took numerous geology courses and did quite a bit of film photomicrography. I have no clue where those slide are now but I loved them.

If you buy this book through his web site he will sign if for you and I have to say, the printing and quality of this book is outstanding.