Maciej Dakowicz

Sunita – Pushkar, India

Sunita - Pushkar, India

My flickr contact Maciej Dakowicz has posted another old but great image.

His notes on this image:

10 years ago I was visiting India for the second time, just two months after my first unlucky visit. On the 17th of September 2004, I was in Pushkar and I met Sunita. That lead to an informal street portrait session followed by a round of Coke and chai. Early days of my photography.

Work – Mandalay, Myanmar

Work - Mandalay, Myanmar

My flickr contact Maciej Dakowicz posted this great image of (young) workers shoveling gravel in Mandalay, Myanmar. The clothing alone makes it a great image but the entire composition: the patterns on the clothing, the position of the shovel, the gaze of the person standing at left and the person sitting on the pile all make this outstanding.

Lesson, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

Lesson - Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

My flickr contact Maciej Dakowicz has captured an intimate scene in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan.

Note the framing of this image, with the face coming in from the left edge of the frame. Also note the state of the books and of course, the fourth boy in the back left. Maciej is an expert at framing and capturing scenes like these.

Note: One of the many reasons I love Flickr is that I have contacts and connections in all corners of the world. The images that these folks post are not put through a photojournalism filter, they’re just scenes from lives in different places. It’s brilliant and I’ve been watching many of these feeds for close to ten years. Flickr remains my very favorite social network and the only one I take seriously.