Los Angeles Times

You know you’re in LA…

You know you’re in LA when this is on the front page of the business section of the LA Times: Tan tax sends bronzed set into slow burn.

Eydie McNeill was fuming about the newly passed healthcare bill, but her rage had nothing to do with socialism, death panels or the deficit.

She just likes a good tan, and because of a provision in the bill that puts a 10% additional tax on tanning salon fees, her sessions are probably going to cost her more.

“I’m angry. I’m really disappointed by all this,” said McNeill, 51, waiting for a tanning bed at the Tanning Club in Westwood. “It just feels like we’re being taxed for everything nowadays.”

She was not just thinking of herself. McNeill is a sorority house mom at Gamma Phi Beta at UCLA.

“A lot of my girls tan, most of them, and they don’t have a lot of extra money,” she said. “They’re students, most students live on a tight budget.”

Poor girls. Maybe they should sell their BMWs to keep their tans going.

Step by surgical step, a life is transformed

Ana Rodarte was born with neurofibromatosis which in some cases can cause facial disfigurement.

This Los Angeles Times piece by Thomas Curwen is powerful but it’s too bad they made the web presentation of it so difficult to navigate and read. I recommend the audio slideshow first to get an overview, then read the story.

Audio slideshow: Ana’s story.

In part one we see how Ana has lived her life: Isolated by her appearance, she yearned for a place in the world.

In part two, Dr. Munish Batra, a plastic surgeon, changed her life: Step by surgical step, a life is transformed.