Los Angeles Music Center

Doubt at the Los Angeles Music Center

Doubt at the Los Angeles Music Center

Los Angeles, California. Last night my mother and I went to see Doubt at the Ahmanson Theater at the LA Music Center. She can’t drive at night or on the freeway anymore (she’s 91) so she hadn’t been to the Music Center in a while.

We got there early and the entire plaza that houses the three theaters was alive with people eating, drinking, and dancing to big band music. The weather was great and the light was fantastic.

Just to orient those of you who have not been to this place, ahead of me is the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion where the LA Opera performs. The round building I’m standing next to is the Mark Taper Forum, a small, intimate theater (Doubt would be been better in this smaller venue) and behind me, out of view is the Ahmanson Theater, a relatively large theater where we saw Doubt.

My mother pushed my wife and me to go see Doubt in New York but we never made the time (and tickets were hard to get). So, she took matters into her own hands and pulled/pushed me to go on this visit and I’m delighted that she did. Doubt is, without a doubt, one of the best plays I’ve seen in my life (I’ve seen many and I’m not young). It is superb in every possible way. The playwright, John Patrick Shanley has written the most amazing script (he wrote the screenplay for Moonstruck, one of my favorite movies among other plays and screenplays), and the cast is incredible. Cherry Jones, Chris McGarry, Lisa Joyce, and Adriane Lenox are all outstanding. This play and its actors have received numerous awards and they are well deserved. The staging, the lighting, the entire experience was first rate.

For those of you who don’t do much theater, I must tell you, there is nothing like live performance. I’m a movie-a-holic but theater is different and when you combine a script like Doubt and actors like these you’re in for a mind-blow beyond words.

Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Disney Concert Hall, LA

The Walt Disney Concert Hall which is part of the Los Angeles Music Center was designed by Frank Gehry, the same architect who did the Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao, Spain.

Before seeing this building I had sort of lost my taste for the kind of architecture that Gehry does but now I’m a true believer. You have to see this building to believe it. I only had time to walk under the front, street side of the building but there are enough amazing angles and pictures just in a single side of it to keep a photographer busy for hours. This is five minutes of walk by looking left, right, and up each few feet to discover a new view.

Disney Concert Hall Facade

Disney Concert Hall, LA

Disney Concert Hall, LA