Loren crossing beaver dam

Loren crossing beaver dam

West Cornwall, Connecticut. Loren and I snowshoed up to the Pine Swamp beaver pond a few days ago. It was extremely cold (about 12F) but there was enough snow and while it was post-holed in places it was snowshoeable with our rather aggressive MSR mountaineering snowshoes.

This is a small dam downstream of the main pond.

Not a lot of ice showing through the recent snow so few pictures and it was cold enough so I didn’t want to expose my hands for very long, but it was great to be there as it always is and we had a blast.

Always a good idea to do something like this the day before you know you’ll be sitting on your ass on a cross country flight.

Loren, Dave and Richard on Caleb’s Peak

Loren, Dave and Richard on Caleb's Peak

On the Appalachian Trail between Kent and Cornwall Bridge. Dave just got back from the Virgin Islands (poor guy) and Loren and I decided to "break him in easy" with this hike we just did. It’s a great hike, starting at Rt. 341 in Kent and having lunch and turning around at Caleb’s Peak where we are here. It’s about 7 miles round trip and the terrain is varied and beautiful. It was 24 F when this was taken and my hands got cold again. However, this day I had hand warmers all fired up and they really helped. Still, taking pictures in the cold is a skill that I’m not sure I want to hone.