Lotus leaves

Lotus leaves

Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California. I’ve been discombobulated enough lately that I forgot to unload my camera on my last outing in Los Angeles a week ago.

It’s not a good sign when you take some pictures and forget to unload them from your camera. No doubt this happens to all of us but it’s bothersome to catch one’s self forgetting.


I do like this image and I remember taking it (thank god).

Descanso Gardens with Sony RX100 II

Flowers and leaves

Descanso Gardens, Flintridge, California.

It was a beautiful day to wheel my mother around these lovely gardens and unlike back home in Connecticut, here flowers were in bloom.

There was plenty of color but I’m very much into monochrome these days. The light on this small clump of flowers was compelling so I wheeled my mother into this little grove and spent ten minutes shooting here.

While the Sony RX100 II makes exceptionally fine images, it’s controls are less than wonderful compared with the Ricoh GR. It’s nice to have a second camera with a zoom lens but I reach for the Ricoh before the Sony most days if for no other reason, it’s easier to use/control.


My mother watching me take pictures

My almost 99 year old mother watching me take pictures

Decaying lotus leaves

Decaying lotus leaves

Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California. I forgot to unload my camera after my last trip to Los Angeles and just found these images which I like very much. There isn’t a lot of new stuff to see at the Japanese Garden this time of year (too hot) but this lotus pond continues to display forms that fascinate me.

I’d love to wade into it to get better shots but in fact, this pond is part of a sewage treatment plant (the entire garden is) and I don’t think it would be the best idea.

Lotus leaf in pond

Maples are turning

Maples are turning

Along the Appalachian Trail on Schaghticoke Ridge.

Many people enjoy shooting larger landscapes with a “fruit loops” collection of fall colors but somehow I prefer early fall where only a few trees are turning.

I keep seeing these small pockets of maples leaves turning in a matrix of oaks and other leaves that aren’t and when the sun is backlighting them they’re brilliant.

Lotus leaves with ginkgos in sewer water

Lotus leaves with ginkgos in sewer water

Van Nuys, California. We were back at the Japanese Garden today and it was hot but the lotus garden was in great bloom. A few stray ginkgo leaves fell in which made for a nice combination with the lotus leaves in various states of decay.

The Japanese Garden is part of a large water reclamation plant and because this water isn’t quite clean yet, fish, plants, and various kinds of birds love this place. We saw a few egrets and herons today although it was so hot most of the birds were in cooler parts of town no doubt.