Trolling someone online? Bill would slap you with jail time

Trolling someone online? Bill would slap you with jail time

A new cyberbullying bill aims to punish those who intend to cause “emotional distress” online with fines, jail time, or both. The problem—as usual—is the vague language used in the bill, which leaves many critics concerned that it could be used to censor speech on the Internet.

This bill is controversial and is being attacked by free speech advocates. However, as one who has had problems with trolls in various online spaces, I do think it would be useful if there was a law that gave them pause before they acted.

Maybe the answer is a virtual restraining order that was sophisticated enough to track IP addresses as well as other identification information on the trolls. And, a blacklist of trolls that could be used like Akismet to keep abusers out of online discussions.