Macricostas hay field

Macricostas hay field

Washington, Connecticut.

After being sick for a while I started hiking again by walking around this large grass-covered field at Macricostas Preserve, right down the road from us.

I’ve been hiking around this field for almost 20 years now (it used to be a corn field) and know it well. In a few places on the perimeter you can shoot it in a way that makes it look much larger than it actually is and this is one of those places.

First time I’ve stopped the X70 down to f/16 and I like the results.

MSC Splendida

MSC Splendida

Flickr member Steven McDougall posted this fantastic image of the MSC Splendida cruise ship docked on the coast of England, taken with his Fuji X-T1.

What makes this image interesting to me is the container cranes next to a docked passenger ship, and the foreground rocks. That ship must need deep water to dock so seeing shallow water up close and the ship docked in the background makes for a nice contrast.


Spooky Tree Stumps Remind Us Why We Need Earth Day

No matter how one feels about commercial clear cutting for timber, Joe Freeman’s haunting images of the desolation left after a big clear cutting operation are incredible.

These images were shot with a large format camera at Snoqualmie Pass, east of Seattle, Washington of a clearcutting job that was probably done close to 100 years ago. The trees were preserved because the area was turned into a reservoir and under water.

[via PetaPixel]