Housen-in temple

wrapped (Housen-in temple, Kyoto)

My flickr contact Marser posted this excellent image of the Housen-in temple in Kyoto, Japan taken with his Ricoh GR.

This image stands out: the inside light on the red carpet is quite amazing. The winter scene outside almost looks like a rear projection on screens because it’s such a contrast from the calm inside. Marser has a real eye for these kinds of shots: interiors looking out.

Player and spectators

player and spectators (Kyoto)

My flickr contact Marser caught this excellent cat action shot with his Ricoh GR in Kyoto.

Marser posts a lot of great cat pictures that I don’t post here (the internet is busting with cat pictures) but this image, while an excellent image in its own right is also a great example of the ability of a point and shoot camera to stop action. He shot it at 1/1000 of a second at f/2.8 with the ISO set to 40. The fast shutter speed froze the leaping cat, the wide aperture kept the shutter speed high and narrowed the depth of focus (cats, not fence) and the low ISO kept the white cat from blowing out. This is a great example of someone who really knows what they’re doing and while this could be done with almost any camera, the Ricoh GR’s speed of operation makes shots like this easier (I surmise, I really don’t know, I’ve never tried a shot like this).