Robot making springs

An industrial robot (some might consider this a group of robots working together) making springs in multiple steps filmed in HD and put to music. The soundtrack really works well with the way this process is filmed.

I think the fact that I watched all of this full screen puts me on the spectrum (which spectrum I’m not sure). I love this stuff, both from an interest in industrial processes and the choreography of it all, thought up by some human using a computer no doubt, or maybe some robot using a human.

If you’re into this stuff, here’s some more at their YouTube channel: INDUSTRIAL JP 工場音楽レーベル.

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Richard Feynman – No Ordinary Genius

This was and is a great documentary. The entire thing is now available on YouTube and its great to see. I have this on DVD but I’m delighted that a wider audience will get to see this. Feynman wasn’t just a genius, he was a “character” who played bongo drums, talked about the interaction of art and science, and solved the mystery of why the Shuttle Challenger went down by dipping a piece of O ring in ice water.

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How to buy a camera

Everything you need to know about buying a camera

Vlad Savov has really done a great job of laying out the pieces of this puzzle you need to think about and in what order.

Ultimately, the number one lesson in photography is that there are always tradeoffs. If you want the best possible image quality, you’ll need specialized and bulky equipment. Should portability be your highest priority, you’ll simply have to accept that some photos and creative ideas will be beyond your reach.

In other words, there is no one camera that’s perfect. This is why I use three: iPhone 4S, Canon S100 (and S95) and Canon 5D (at some point upgraded to the next Canon 5X). Each has its place.

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Kottke’s lyrebird post

Kottke’s got a great post on the imitating capacity of the lyrebird: The amazing lyrebird can mimic anything.

Here’s David Attenborough blowing our minds describing what this bird can do. It’s quite amazing.

The second video is, well, a remix and it made me laugh hard enough so that I had to post this link. Go watch, first one first, second one second. Enjoy.

Kottke on Chatroulette

Kottke on Chatroulette

Jason Kottke reviews a new video conferencing site called Chatroulette (chat roulette). Connect with random people all over the world, no moderation, no rules, just a video and voice connection with god knows who or what on the other end. The site has no appeal for me but Kottke’s review of it is one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read. Read it, it’s funny as hell. If you have the guts to try Chatroulette let me know, I’d love to hear what you think.

Fotolog overtaking Flickr?

Fotolog overtaking Flickr? Quick! Which photo sharing site community thingie is more popular: Fotolog or Flickr? You might be surprised at the answer…but first some history.

This is a fascinating post by Kottke and given the problems flickr is having at the moment being “absorbed” by Yahoo all the more meaningful. I’m not dumping flickr for Fotolog but I think some other long-time flickr users are going to be looking for alternatives and Fotolog will be one of them.