The Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California.

This garden employs one professional Japanese gardener who we’ve met many times. He does lots of things in the garden including training trees with armatures and by tying lateral branches down to keep them growing sideways instead of up.

This twine was attached to both a branch and this railing around the lotus garden. The knot stood out: clean and beautiful.

This is what I love about many traditional things in Japan (and those same things expressed outside of Japan): there is a focussed attention to the smallest detail, like a fractal, attention to detail at the same level all the way down and all the way up.

Animated knots

This is a demo of a knot I use every now and then, the sheet bend. Very useful for tying two different diameter size ropes together in a way that’s easy to untie after a load has been applied. Most of the every day knots I use are up there with instructions and videos. Excellent resource.

By the way, learning how to tie knots correctly is a great life skill to develop. Get yourself some nice perlon rope in different colors and have fun with it.

The site, Animated Knots by Grog is an excellent resource. They also have both an iPhone app and an iPad app in the app store.