Joy Brown

Joy Brown off Broadway

Joy Brown On Broadway from Wheelhouse Communications on Vimeo.

From May 2017 through yesterday, February 22, 2018, Joy Brown's
( sculpture exhibition of 9 bronze works has been on display on the Broadway Malls of the Upper West Side up to Washington Heights.

This exhibition was organized with the cooperation of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and the Morrison Gallery of Kent, CT in conjunction with the Broadway Mall Association (

These huge sculptures have been a delight to see during the last three seasons. To call them gigantic is an understatement, but that belies the warmth and tenderness found in them. To see them calmly lording over unruly Broadway pedestrian and automobile traffic, always brought a smile.

Evan Fairbanks took his camera to artfully document them, intrepidly, in rain, snow and occasional sunshine.

Great video.

Here’s my post on the installation of the pieces last May: Joy Brown on Broadway.

Thousand-Pound Bronzes on the Upper West Side

Thousand-Pound Bronzes on the Upper West Side

New Yorker staff writer Paige Williams came to the installation of Joy Brown’s sculpture on Broadway but weren’t sure if the Talk of the Town piece she was working on would make it into the magazine. It did, and hopefully it will bring even more foot traffic to Joy’s amazing work.

I did watch her frantically scribble on her notepad when the driver of the flatbed transporting them down from Bethel, Connecticut said: “I could’ve drove here naked and nobody would’ve noticed.” I thought it might be the lead, I was off by a paragraph.

Joy Brown on Broadway

Figures on a flatbed

Figures on a flatbed

Broadway, New York City.

My good friend Joy Brown has been making large bronze castings of her ceramic sculpture and is having a show of them in New York City. Joy has been traveling to China to work with a foundry there for many years and these finished pieces were shipped to the US in a large container by ship and arrived a few weeks ago. There will be a sister show in China opening in a few months.

Forklift on Broadway

Forklift on Broadway

Thinker in crosswalk

We pulled an all-nighter last night helping with the installation which was done by a great outfit out of Bethel, Connecticut: Mariano Brothers.

We started at 10:00 pm and finished at 3:00 am. There were two flatbed trucks, ours with four pieces starting at 72nd St. and working north, the other starting at 168th St. and working south.

Mother and child at 72nd St.

Mother and child at 72nd St.

Many of Joy’s friends came from all over the country and they were joined by a crowd of curious and supportive New Yorkers. It was quite a scene although after midnight as we moved up town only the core group remained.

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 17th there will be a formal “opening” at 11:00 am at the 72nd St and Broadway installation. The show will be up for at least six months, maybe longer. Each setting has a map showing the location of each of the sculptures. It’s a bit of a hike to walk the whole thing but there’s a subway line running under Broadway and the pieces are near enough to stops so they can be easily gotten to.

I’m pooped!




Kent, Connecticut.

I was over at my friend Joy Brown’s studio working on clay pieces or her next big firing this summer (I was a potter in another life, I have an MFA in ceramics). On the way home I noticed that her swamp looked interesting so I stopped the truck in the middle of the driveway and walked up and down looking for interesting angles to shoot this swamp. I took lots of shots and almost all of them were interesting but none had everything I was seeing. This one had some of the texture of the grass mounds and the nice contrast of mounds out in the pond.

When I hold still and set up the camera correctly, the Fuji X70 is recording details amazingly well.

Joy Brown’s recent ceramic sculpture

Joy Brown ceramic Sculpture

Kent, Connecticut. I did some photo work for the artist Joy Brown who’s a good friend of mine. I’ve been doing this kind of work for her for many years and it’s wonderful to have such a great working relationship as well as a close friendship. Many times one of these will get in the way of the other but in fact, we’ve made it work well. No doubt part of the reason is that she’s a fine person who does exceptional work that’s a joy (pun) to photograph.

These pieces are out of the wood fire she did in her large anagama kiln this summer.

Joy Brown ceramic Sculpture

Joy Brown ceramic Sculpture

Joy Brown ceramic Sculpture

Joy Brown ceramic Sculpture

Photograph of a print of a photograph of sculpture

Photograph of a print of a photograph of sculpture

I just got a new camera and so, I’m walking around the house looking for fun things to shoot on a rainy day. I had an order for a 16×20″ print of this image I took of one of my friend Joy Brown’s work and the print is lying under the skylight drying. The Ricoh GRD IV has a high contrast black and white image setting so I figured I’d give that a go on this image. Oh boy, I hope we have a few more rainy days, this is going to be fun.

Art for Japan Tsunami Relief

Art for Japan Tsunami Relief

My friend the artist Joy Brown is raffling this “dancing lady” wood-fired ceramic sculpture the proceeds of which are going to tsunami relief in Japan where she grew up.

Tickets are $20 and you can send checks to her or, if you’re overseas use paypal to send money. I’m late in posting this notice and I’m sorry about that, the raffle will end on midnight, April 20th. If you can’t make this deadline with mail, use paypal.

Find all the details here, including Joy’s email address for paypal users:

Good luck and thanks for taking part.