Josh Owens

Manhattan in Motion

This excellent time lapse video of New York by Josh Owens was put online in 2011 and I saw it then but seeing it again this morning on PetaPixel got me thinking.

This video has in it the stuff I love about being in New York, even as a still photographer. A number of the shots in the video are high up (in various hotels) and move out so that the viewer sees both a close view of a building with the movement of the city street in the same frame. One of these shots shows people moving around in an office (high up) and street movement at the same time.

One of the many things I love about going to New York is experiencing what my wife calls “whiplash of the senses.” She too has come to appreciate and enjoy this feeling of going from our quiet life in a small Connecticut town to the relative multi-sensory chaos that is New York.

This video allows the viewer to feel safe with calm music and slow pans as various views of the city move from day to dusk to night. Great stuff and it works well for me as I sit by my woodstove in rural Connecticut.

Watch this on the biggest screen you’ve got, keep the sound in the background. Enjoy.