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Jon at Blue Bottle

Jon at Blue Bottle

Jon Moss at Blue Bottle Coffee (2014)

We met up with a “Flickr friend” who I’ve known for close to ten years who was visiting New York recently. After walking the High Line we went in for coffee at the hip, Blue Bottle Coffee in Hell’s Kitchen (I like Peet’s better but that’s just me).

I joined Flickr in 2004 and sometime in that first year I joined the Canon DSLR Group. In that group I met a number of people who have remained my online and offline friends to this day. None of us shoot Canon DSLRs anymore which is an interesting side story. One of them, a chap from Hull, England, Jon Moss got in touch in 2007 when he was coming to New York to buy some new camera equipment (at B&H of course).

Jon Moss at Ten Mile River

Jon Moss at Ten Mile River Station (2007)

We’d never met but I had a sense that Jon was a decent guy and so, invited him up to Connecticut for a visit on that trip and here’s that post: Jon Moss at Ten Mile River.

Jon at Macricostas Preserve

Jon at Macricostas Preserve (2007)

After unboxing all of his new gear I took him out to our local nature preserve to try it all out: Jon at Macricostas Preserve.

Two dudes with their weapons

Two dudes with their weapons (2007)

I’ll jump at any chance for a trip to New York so Anne and I accompanied Jon back to the city for his return trip: Two dudes with their weapons.

These days its very hip to get down on Flickr as an example of a great web service that peaked and sank after being acquired by Yahoo. This is most certainly true and Flickr’s photo sharing technology is way behind the times. But, like all of the other social networking tools, Flickr allowed and continues to allow people from all over the world to get to know one another through their photography and for that it remains one of the best tools out there. The fact that I’ve met quality people like Jon through Flickr speaks for itself.

How Better Typography Could Reduce Car Crashes

How Better Typography Could Reduce Car Crashes

This is a fascinating and important piece. My guess is improved graphic and industrial design as well as the right typefaces will make dashboards more readable while driving. Then there’s how the backlighting is implemented…

There’s too much clutter on a typical dashboard: less is more.

[via Jon Moss]

Two dudes with their weapons

Two dudes with their weapons

New York City. As we prepared to part company with Jon after a fun day in New York, we walked out the side door of Grand Central Station and there were an unusual number of police in full riot gear with helmets and automatic weapons.

This officer noticed my LowePro pack and said "nice pack" and while I was waiting for him to inspect the pack for a bomb and strip search me on the sidewalk he proceeded to ask Jon and me what we "shot." John pulled out his new Canon 1D Mark III and I pulled out my 5D and he said "well, I only have a 30D but I’m having problem with a lens, can I ask you a question?"

We stood here a while talking (he was very nice) and I was thinking Jon ought to run back to his hotel, put his 300mm f/2.8 lens on his camera and come back to this guy and say "you call that a weapon?"

Instead we talked about photo gear until his commander got a bit irritated and asked him to "move out." Before we did, I asked politely if I could take a picture and realized I still had a circular polarizer on my lens, rushed to get it off and took a few pictures, none of which turned out well. We all scattered, Jon back to his hotel, Anne and me to our waiting train for the long ride home to Connecticut.

Jon Moss at Ten Mile River

Jon Moss at Ten Mile River

Ten Mile River, New York. Talk about a flickr meetup: My friend Jon Moss flew from the UK to Newark, Newark to Manhattan/Grand Central Station, then Metro North to rural Ten Mile River station just east of Kent Connecticut. I picked him up and brought him back to Warren, Connecticut where Anne and I plied him with food and drink. We’re having a fun time with camera gear and Macs and web talk and all things nerd. Anne, bless her heart, knits and tunes us out.

Jon at Macricostas Preserve

Jon at Macricostas Preserve

Washington, Connecticut. I took Jon, visiting from UK, down the road to Macricostas Preserve. It was a bit too early to do serious shooting as the sun was a bit high and it was hot, but he got a good taste of the place. We were hoping on of the butterflies that hung out with Gary and me a few weeks ago would discover us but no such luck.

Here Jon is using his new Camera, a Canon 1D Mark III, and his new big lens, a Canon 300mm f/2.8 L IS USM. A family of three could live in the lens hood of this amazing lens.