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John Gruber’s take on the iPad2 introduction: The Chair.

Good iPad apps can make the iPad feel not like a device running an app, but like an object that is the app.

This is right on the money and is achieved by having a device that one holds in one’s hands, by having apps run full screen, and by creative use of the multitouch UI.

I watched the Steve Jobs iPad2 Introduction and I think Gruber nails it. Taking Gruber at his word that:

Last year, Apple’s take on the iPad seemed to be that they believed they had something good. This year, they seem to know they have something enormous.

it’s obvious that Steve Jobs who looks to be bravely fighting serious illness felt that he had to make this presentation. I teared up during the ovation he was given at the start; many in the audience thought it might be his last public appearance in a role like this which he excels at.

For what it’s worth, Steve Jobs gave me my first Macintosh at the West Coast Computer Faire in 1984. That computer changed my life. Jobs has changed a lot of lives with his products and the iPad will no doubt change millions more.

In a way, the iPad delivers on what Apple said the original Macintosh would be: the computer “for the rest of us” except its doing it in what Jobs called “the post-PC world.”

Yes, I’ll be getting an iPad2 for sure.

How bloggers wage war

John Gruber’s Daring Fireball Gets Comments (Whether He Likes It or Not)

The influential site Daring Fireball, John Gruber’s web site that covers all things Macintosh, iPhone, iPad and Apple in general is a weblog with the commenting feature turned off. On popular sites like DF moderating comment threads can be a full time job and Gruber has said he’d rather spend time thinking and writing than moderating and responding.

The problem is, Gruber doesn’t quite say it like that, he says it in an incredibly egotistical way and when questioned about it he calls people names like “jackass” and “douchebag.”

Gruber is an excellent writer and his coverage of Apple technology is first rate but his self-important attitude has bothered me for many years. I read him but I cringe at times.

It seems others feel this way as well and John Casasanta has built a web site that is going to allow them to express their feelings about all things Apple and Gruber: Daring Fireball with Comments.

While I share some of this feeling, reposting the content, look and feel of a site with the addition of comments is not a great way to express it; a quick look at the comments at the site supports exactly why Gruber decided not to allow them on his site.

No doubt John Gruber needs to be taken down a few pegs but this isn’t the way to do it.

[via Jon Moss]

92 year old Daring Fireball (almost)

92 year old Daring Fireball (almost)

Los Angeles, California. Tomorrow my mother will be 92 and one of the things she wanted for her birthday was a new “uber-geek” t-shirt. What better t-shirt for a die-hard Mac user than a DF* classic. None of her contemporaries know that the heck it means but any serious Mac user who sees her will. Of course if they ask her who Gruber’s "jackass of the week" is she’ll say "George Bush" and get off easy.

*Daring Fireball Daring Fireball is the definitive site for those of us who follow all things Macintosh on the technical side and it’s written and published by John Gruber. My mother can barely use her Mac let alone differentiate between 6 and 8 bit video so she can’t join the class action.