Stamps from Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Tunisia

Stamp 8


This is just a taste of some loose stamps in my collection. I have many more mounted with hinges in albums and over time I’ll be working to unmount them and get them cleaned up and scanned.

For more on how these stamps were scanned and processed check out this post.



Stamp 25


Stamp 47


Stamp 87


Iraq protest march

iraq_marchI was out in San Francisco a year ago last month. I had not planned to march against the upcoming invasion of Iraq even though I was against it (still am, even more so now).

I found myself trying to cross Market Street during the march and got caught up in it. Shades of my youth demonstrating the Vietnam war in Eugene, Oregon and elsewhere. Same types of people, same whiffs of pot smoke in the air, same everything.

I knew I’d gotten older when I found myself questioning whether thumbing ones nose at “the establishment” by smoking pot in a protest march was the best thing to do. “Liberals” have been marginalized enough in recent years so why make it easier to stereotype us?

One thing I could get behind fully was the above sign. That to me said and says it all.

Don’t just march, vote.