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Can the iPhone 4S replace a “real” digital camera?

Can the iPhone 4S replace a “real” digital camera?

Great in-depth investigation.

As one with an iPhone 4S, a Canon PowerShot S100 and a Canon 5D and some nice lenses, I can attest that the iPhone 4S does not replace the other cameras fully but it does eat into the point and shoot space. and the fact that one can post to various social spaces directly from it makes it a heck of a lot of fun to use (as was the iPhone 4). The 4S camera is spectacular but the lack of image controls, a real viewfinder, interchangeable lenses and more make it inappropriate for high end photo work.

Still, when Gary, Anne and I go to New York this weekend I’ll be carrying the iPhone 4S and the Canon Powershot S100 but no 5D.

For my work at the Getty Center or my portfolio work for Joy Brown I’d never consider anything but the 5D.

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Apple iPhone 4S Siri demo

Today Apple released the new iPhone 4S which looks similar to the iPhone 4 on the outside but has a new processor, antennae, and more. It will be running the new iOS 5 which will also run on iPhone 4s and 3GS models.

I didn’t see or track today’s big announcement from Tim Cook at Apple but it seems to me that the new iPhone 4S’s power will be essential for running the Siri Assistant. I can’t wait to use Siri, it looks fantastic.

Here’s Apple’s page for Siri.

Note that Siri isn’t just about control, it also does dictation. This is extremely meaningful to the disabilities community as well as those of us who find the iPhone’s on screen keyboard tough. I can’t wait for Siri to move onto the iPad and Mac OSX.