1am laundry

1am laundry

Flickr member Jme shot this at night with a Ricoh GR.

It’s a terrific image but I’m posting it to demonstrate a few things he did:

He placed his Ricoh GR (small camera) on a tripod or support of some kind.

He stopped the aperture down to f/16.

The camera took 8 seconds to expose the image.

Most of us don’t slow down enough to do shots like this although I have to say, if you’re doing wash at 1am you’ve got plenty of spare time to experiment.

Still, one of the things I miss about my Canon 5D and big lens collection is my frequent use of a tripod, which not only gave me more exposure possibilities, but it slowed me down so I could think a bit more about the shot I was taking.

I carry a tabletop tripod everywhere but rarely use it. Note to self: use it more and carry your bigger tripod and a small body plate as well.

I bought the remote shutter release for the Fuji X70 for exactly this reason but have yet to use it. Hopefully this will kick my butt and I’ll get into it.