Mountain laurel on Bear Mountain

Mountain laurel on Bear Mountain

This was shot with my iPhone 4S and Instagram on climb up the rocks on the north side of Bear Mountain in Connecticut.

This is an odd year for mountain laurel after last year’s kaleidoscopic explosion of blooms. I don’t know if it was the lack of snow and rain over the winter or what, but some plants have no blooms, others have peaked already. I’ve only been aware of mountain laurel blooms on hikes for a few years now so we’ll have to see what the long term trend is. We look forward to these blooms, they’re extremely photogenic and stopping to shoot them is a nice break on longer hikes.

Foam on Thayer Brook


These two Instagram/iPhone shots were made on Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail, Kent, Connecticut.

These foam shots are almost always in pools on the downstream side of small waterfalls. In other words, the water falls into a pool, makes bubbles, and they collect in places out of the main current in striated ripples. I find it all fascinating because it’s not soap in the water, it’s simply water bubbles collecting.

How Instagram started

Behind Instagram’s Success, Networking the Old Way

This is a great start up story which takes about 18 months and ends as many know with Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock.

Many Instagram users who want to make a statement about their “hatred” of Facebook have left the service. While I’m no fan of Facebook and don’t use it I still use and enjoy Instagram. I plan to keep using Instagram until they require a Facebook login or mess it up with more Facebook integration. It remains an excellent tool for posting images to Twitter and flickr and if you use Facebook, that service too.

Color in New York

Columbia hospital New York

I was visiting a good friend at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York yesterday (who’s doing well) and somehow in all the complexity that is a hospital ward, simple colors and patterns cried out to be photographed. The top image is through a 5th floor window, the image below is lunch. Both were done with iPhone 4S and Instagram.