The Story Behind That IKEA Photo of Amsterdam

VILSHULT is an IKEA ready-to-hang photo of Amsterdam that has been sold over 427,000 times. After many of my friends asked me why I bought such a “mediocre” photo for my living room, I decided to find out how this photo was made and how it ended up on IKEA’s shelves and in almost half a million households. What I learned was fascinating.

I made the 14-minute documentary short film above about my quest to learn the story behind this popular IKEA photo of my hometown.

More of the backstory at Petapixel: The Story Behind That IKEA Photo of Amsterdam.

Great story, very well done.

Anatomy of an Ikea product

Anatomy of an Ikea Product

What’s interesting about this is the focus from the beginning not only on the product design and it’s price, but on how it will be packaged, assembled by the buyer, shipped, how many of them might fit in a shipping container, and more. No doubt all modern products go through similar design processes but Ikea products have the added variable of user assembly.

As someone who’s bought and assembled dozens of Ikea products I sort of knew they had a process like this but it was nice to hear it affirmed in detail.