Ice, grass, snow

Ice, grass, snow

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Tom and I took a quick walk around an old corn field and there were a few spots that were frozen enough to show interest. The snow was very light so we could see through to the grass and the ice, grass, and snow made a great pattern.

I had to crop this to get some leaves out of it that I thought might be interesting but in the end, weren’t.

Race Brook Falls with ice

Race Brook Falls with ice

Race Brook Falls Trail. Southwest Massachusetts.

We hiked up the Race Brook Falls Trail (the trail I maintain for the Berkshire AMC) today and it was a beautiful day for hiking and for photography.

I was surprised that this waterfall still had ice on it as did sections of the brook; the weather has been warm enough down at our house that I thought for sure this would have all melted.

There was some sun flare coming in from the top left but I liked the image anyway.

This was shot with the Fuji X70, a small camera that’s much like the Ricoh GR. I don’t have enough experience with it yet to talk about it with any certainty but I was able to shoot with it with my glove liners on which is important to me in winter as I suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome (cold finger tips) and like to keep thin gloves on at all times. And, unlike the Ricoh, it has an articulating LCD which I find useful (not for this photo but for others). The image quality of the few images I’ve shot with it is breathtakingly good. This is a very nice camera and one worth considering along with the Ricoh GR II.

Ice in Sage’s Ravine

Ice in Sage's Ravine

We hiked down the south side of Mt. Race on the Appalachian Trail (a section of trail I maintain) into the bottom of Sage’s Ravine which forms the border between Connecticut and Massachusetts.

There was moving water in the ravine but there were calm spots near the shore where ice had formed. Getting to those spots was tough because the trail was iced over and slippery in places but not bad enough for us to have brought micro-spikes along. Getting a few ice pattern shots motivated me to carefully climb down to the edge and hold the camera out with my right hand while holding onto a tree with my left hand.

By the way, one-handed control and shooting is a nice feature of the Ricoh GR; one can do almost everything with the right hand. Holding steady is the biggest challenge. Spray and pray is the way under these conditions.

Ice in Sage's Ravine

Growing ice crystals

Growing ice crystals

Kent, Connecticut.

Hiking north along the Appalachian Trail from Kent to Cornwall Bridge we crossed a small stream that had some nice ice in it.

I took a few minutes and walked upstream where the stream meandered a bit and slowed down and there was a wonderful “crop” of ice along both sides of the stream.

Photographing ice can be problematic:

On a day cold enough to support ice, you don’t want to stop for too long, your hands can get cold, even with glove liners on.

Your hiking partners may not be as into it as you are and they too are standing around getting cold.

Early in the season, there is a real risk of falling through and getting wet which, depending on how far away from civilization you are, might be dangerous.

But, given that this was my first ice shooting session this season, I think it went pretty well and I got a few interesting images.