Hudson River

Saugerties Lightouse and the Hudson River

Saugerties Lighthouse 3 Images Panorama I

Flickr member Nestor Rivera Jr posted this fantastic wide angle image of the Saugerties, New York lighthouse on the Hudson River taken with his Ricoh GR and the Ricoh wide angle adaptor lens suspended from a kite. Brilliant.

I was considering buy this add-on wide angle lens for my Ricoh GR so did some searching on Flickr for images taken with it and found Nestor’s images.

This adaptor changes the GR’s angle of view from 28mm to 21mm which isn’t quite fisheye but is dramatically wide.

Jersey City across the Hudson

Jersey City Across the Hudson

New York City. This is a view across the Hudson River to office buildings in Jersey City that have sprung up as Manhattan pricing has risen. I’m standing in Rockefeller Park at the west end of Chambers Street, the northern boundary of a series of spectacular parks that together form a strip of commercial development and public space that cradles the World Trade Center site. The cost and exclusivity of the office space behind me gave rise to the office space in front of me, across the river. I’m sure the view from across the river is as good or better.

Queens, Manhattan and beyond

Queens, Manhattan and beyond

Flying west over Long Island Sound, Queens on the left, Brooklyn beyond, Verrazano Narrows Bridge Connecting Brooklyn to Staten Island and Manhattan’s on the right with the Hudson river running down its west side. The other side of the river is New Jersey.

The bridge at the bottom of the image is the Whitestone Bridge connecting the Bronx with Queens on Long Island. I crossed that bridge a few hours earlier on my way from Connecticut to JFK Airport.


Looking down the length of Manhattan Island, East River on the left with Queens and Brooklyn on the other side, Hudson river on the right with New Jersey on the other side. George Washington Bridge crosses the Hudson.