Helmut Jahn

United Terminal, O’Hare Airport

Half rotunda, United Terminal

Half rotunda, United Terminal

United Terminal B, Chicago, O’Hare Airport designed by Helmut Jahn and built in 1985.

Flying home from visiting my mother in Los Angeles and had hike between gates. I passed by this end rotunda in Terminal B and noticed a lot of sun coming through, a bit too much sun actually (a few of the panels are over exposed). Still, I love the structure of this terminal so broke out the Ricoh GR to attempt a shot.

I shot one of these rotundas in 2013 with a Sony RX1 under better conditions and that post has a second shot that shows more detail on the structure: Roof detail, United Terminal, O’Hare.

Floor with shadow, United Terminal

Floor with shadow, United Terminal

There was a lot of sun coming through the rotunda skylights as I passed by and after shooting up, I decided to shoot down. The shadows on the floor grid were fantastic.

I shot this floor in 2012 with my iPhone and the shot shows both a reflection of the rotunda and detail in the floor: United terminal floor in Chicago.

Dusk, United Terminal, Chicago O’Hare

Dusk, United Terminal, Chicago O'Hare

The German architect Helmut Jahn designed United Airlines’ main hub at O’Hare airport in the mid 1980’s. It remains a beautiful and functional terminal where, I’m both happy and sorry to say I’ve spent much of my life in the past fifteen years.

I continue to love the design of these halogen flood lights when coupled with the rounded corner of the terminal building. Timeless design: modern with ornate influences.