Half Dome

Half Dome and clouds

Half Dome and Clouds

My flickr contact Stan Yoshinobu posted another shot taken in Yosemite Valley, this time of the northwest face of Half Dome with clouds surrounding it. There is no doubt that Stan waited a while to get this shot, waiting for the light to hit the top of the dome just right so it had the most contrast with the sky. This is a brilliant image and no doubt Ansel Adams would be impressed.

On the left edge of the frame is Royal Arches and to the right of it, Washington Column, both of which have numerous rock climbed on them (which I did a long time ago). More recently (20 years ago) my wife and I hiked up the back side of Half Dome (went up the cables) and hung out over the visor. Too bad I didn’t take a lot of pictures on that hike, it was epic.