Grand Central Station

Grand Central


Flickr member Heath Cajandig posted this iconic shot of Grand Central Station, New York shot with his Ricoh GR.

When you stand on the steps that Heath stood on to take this there are dozens of people with smartphones and DSLRs and everything in between shooting this scene. I’ve shot it many times myself. This shot, while simple and plain captures the lighting, movement, and architecture perfectly and it’s done with the humble Ricoh GR point and shoot camera. Go Heath!

Two dudes with their weapons

Two dudes with their weapons

New York City. As we prepared to part company with Jon after a fun day in New York, we walked out the side door of Grand Central Station and there were an unusual number of police in full riot gear with helmets and automatic weapons.

This officer noticed my LowePro pack and said "nice pack" and while I was waiting for him to inspect the pack for a bomb and strip search me on the sidewalk he proceeded to ask Jon and me what we "shot." John pulled out his new Canon 1D Mark III and I pulled out my 5D and he said "well, I only have a 30D but I’m having problem with a lens, can I ask you a question?"

We stood here a while talking (he was very nice) and I was thinking Jon ought to run back to his hotel, put his 300mm f/2.8 lens on his camera and come back to this guy and say "you call that a weapon?"

Instead we talked about photo gear until his commander got a bit irritated and asked him to "move out." Before we did, I asked politely if I could take a picture and realized I still had a circular polarizer on my lens, rushed to get it off and took a few pictures, none of which turned out well. We all scattered, Jon back to his hotel, Anne and me to our waiting train for the long ride home to Connecticut.

Ticket counter, Grand Central Station

Ticket Counter, Grand Central Station

I had just exited the subway on my way to another train north toward home when I noticed that the main room at Grand Central Station looked darker than usual, almost sepia and that sepia light was reflecting on the marble countertop. This reminded me that my parents and their parents probably stood at this very counter and bought tickets. Then I snapped out of it, put the camera down on the counter and took a shot, then raced to my train.