ginkgo leaves

Floating ginkgo leaves

Floating ginkgo leaves

The Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California.

Back home in Connecticut fall is almost over: almost all of our leaves are down, the last of the oaks will be down this week no doubt (I have to do at least one more big cleanup when I get home). Here in Los Angeles, the gingko trees are shedding leaves and this was a nice collection of them that was floating on the water of this sewage treatment plant.

Yes, for those who tuned in late, the Japanese Garden is a very small part of a much larger sewage treatment plant. What a great idea to let this not quite finished grey water feed plants, fish, and birds.

Lotus leaves with ginkgos in sewer water

Lotus leaves with ginkgos in sewer water

Van Nuys, California. We were back at the Japanese Garden today and it was hot but the lotus garden was in great bloom. A few stray ginkgo leaves fell in which made for a nice combination with the lotus leaves in various states of decay.

The Japanese Garden is part of a large water reclamation plant and because this water isn’t quite clean yet, fish, plants, and various kinds of birds love this place. We saw a few egrets and herons today although it was so hot most of the birds were in cooler parts of town no doubt.