Fuji X70

Leaf carpet

Leaf carpet

Schaghticoke Ridge, Kent, Connecticut.

Post winter, the Appalachian Trail is, in places, covered with leaves that have remained in place since last fall through the winter. Once it snows on them and then melts, they get matted and almost stuck in place.

They’ve been walked on and broken up but not much, the trail doesn’t get as much use in winter as it does in summer. In the next three months thousands of people will walk over the 5 mile section of trail that I maintain in Connecticut (I maintain another 5 miles in Massachusetts) and the leaves will be gone; pushed off the side to continue decomposing in the woods.

Then fall will come and we’ll start all over again.

Cedar bark

Cedar bark

Steep Rock Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

We took a short walk along the Shepaug River, attempting to avoid ice and finally gave up and called it quits. Without spikes on hiking boots it’s nearly impossible to walk on the trails around here right now.

There’s a large cedar tree in the parking area and its bark is amazing so I took a few shots near the ground. This tree is at least 100 years old, maybe older.

Cedar bark

Ice, grass, snow

Ice, grass, snow

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Tom and I took a quick walk around an old corn field and there were a few spots that were frozen enough to show interest. The snow was very light so we could see through to the grass and the ice, grass, and snow made a great pattern.

I had to crop this to get some leaves out of it that I thought might be interesting but in the end, weren’t.

Water color

Fall reflection

Sage’s Ravine, Sheffield, Massachusetts.

I was back in the upper part of this spectacular ravine today doing more trail work.

The light and the fall colors were so intense in this pool I stopped to take a few pictures. The water was too still and to me, the reflected seen had no interest as it was simply the far bank of trees turned upside down.

There was no little dog to splash around in the pool to make waves so I tossed in a small rock just to mix things up. I took four pictures in rapid succession hoping one of them would have just the right amount of water movement in it. To me, the water movement gives this image a painterly feel.

Note: this image is straight out of the Fuji X70. I ran it through Lightroom to downsize it for uploading but made no adjustments at all.

Oak leaves in turbulent reflection

Oak leaves in turbulent reflection

Sage’s Ravine, Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Tom and I just finished re-blazing the first few miles of the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts and we were resting at Sage’s Ravine before turning around for home.

The fall colors were spectacular and I took a few reflection shots of the canopy in the still water of Sage’s brook when Tom’s small (and very cute) dog Scout started splashing around upstream. Initially I was irritated that my glassy reflection was ruined but then realized that the ripples would add a nice, psychedelic touch to the seen.