Frank Gehry

Walt Disney Concert Hall at night

Walt Disney Concert Hall at night

Los Angeles, California. While downtown to see Doubt I strolled down the block to see Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall, home of the LA Philharmonic. The night lighting on the stainless steel skin of this amazing building was striking but there still wasn’t a lot of light for handheld photography. I shot anyway and figured I’d get nothing but this image, while not all that sharp gives you a good sense of the drama of the building.

Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Disney Concert Hall, LA

The Walt Disney Concert Hall which is part of the Los Angeles Music Center was designed by Frank Gehry, the same architect who did the Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao, Spain.

Before seeing this building I had sort of lost my taste for the kind of architecture that Gehry does but now I’m a true believer. You have to see this building to believe it. I only had time to walk under the front, street side of the building but there are enough amazing angles and pictures just in a single side of it to keep a photographer busy for hours. This is five minutes of walk by looking left, right, and up each few feet to discover a new view.

Disney Concert Hall Facade

Disney Concert Hall, LA

Disney Concert Hall, LA