Yerba Buena Fountain, San Francisco

Yerba Buena Fountain, San Francisco

Our Macworld group spent quite a bit of time photographing and hanging out in this park and near this wonderful fountain. I think all of us took at least one if not many shots here. It’s a great spot to hang out with amazing photographic possibilities.

I swapped lenses with Carlos for this one: he took my 85 and I took his 14. This fisheye is a heck of a lot of fun although takes some getting used to. Most of the pictures I took of people with it looked like Photobooth (fun-house mirror shots).

Yerba Buena Fountain, San Francisco

Close up of the fountain which seems to be, dare I say, peeing.

I love fountains that involve flat, reflective surfaces. I’m sure this is designed by someone else but the work of Isamu Noguchi comes to mind when I see things like this. Or, some of the simpler fountains in temples in Japan.

Moving water has a calming effect, visually, aurally, and of course, it puts off lots of negative ions that I’m told help out in some way, lining up one’s chakras or neurons or the hairs on one’s neck or something good. Needing this kind of help as I do, I should live near a fountain or at the very least, buy one of those Sharper Image table-top jobs.