Flickr Commons

Flickr Commons, participating institutions

Flickr Commons Participating Institutions

It started with The Library of Congress in June, 2007 and has grown considerably since then.

The key goal of The Commons is to share hidden treasures from the world’s public photography archives.

And they’re doing just that.

I could have posted a lot of stuff here but I hope anyone who reads this will follow the links and poke around. If you have a blog, all of these images are easily embedded. I like to give some context when I use things like this but it’s not always possible.

Have fun.

Walt Whitman, ca. 1860 - ca. 1865

Walt Whitman, image by Mathew Brady, 1865

From Flickr member The U.S. National Archives.

Rear end of Bridal Veil mill

Rear end of Bridal Veil mill from hotel. Palmer, Oregon. 1910

From Flickr member The Field Museum Library.

Group photograph captioned 'Hungarian Gypsies all of whom we...

Hungarian Gypsies coming into Ellis Island, 1905

Ruth St Denis in a Burmese solo dance.

Ruth St Denis in a Burmese solo dance, 1923

From Flickr member New York Public Library

Överenhörna Church, Södermanland, Sweden

Överenhörna Church, Södermanland, Sweden, 1905

Evertsberg Chapel, Dalarna, Sweden

Evertsberg Chapel, Dalarna, Sweden, 1900

From Flickr member Swedish National Heritage Board

Flickr Commons, a fantastic resource

flickr has teamed up with the Library of Congress, the Powerhouse Museum Collection, the Brooklyn Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, and Bibliothèque de Toulouse to start building a public archive of photographs called flickr Commons. Unlike private collections like Getty Images or The Bettman Archive, flickr Commons is open for anyone for any use.

There are no known copyright restrictions on the use of these photographs.

I’ve been tracking this through the Library of Congress but wasn’t aware of the other groups participating until Kottke’s post. I’m very excited about this, it’s like having a photographic encyclopedia online. And, the more tagging and writing that gets done on each photograph, the better integrated it will be on the web, google crawls flickr and so, all of these photographs and their comments are indexed.