Flatiron Building

Flatiron with GR

Flatiron with GR

Flatiron Building, New York.

I was in New York yesterday with a friend and we did a lot of walking. On the way back up to Grand Central and the train home we passed this landmark which I’ve shot before with higher end gear and I decided to have another go at it.

I must say, this image is better than almost anything I shot with my Canon 5D and high end lenses. No chromatic aberration even though building/sky is high contrast, amazing detail, and very little distortion.

Ricoh has just announced and update to the GR which has a few new features but the original one can be had for a considerable discount and when the new one ships no doubt the original one will drop more. I’ll be looking to pick up a third copy of this camera if the price drops a bit more. I love it.

I took most of my images along the High Line of a single concrete pour on the first floor of a residential apartment complex I shot before (when they were excavating). I stayed there a few hours and took a few hundred images, enough to make a stop action series of although I’ve never done that before. Large scale building projects fascinate me although unless you’re right in the middle of them it’s tough to document them with a camera.

Power shooter takes a power shot

Captured Flatiron

New York City. Gary and I spent the afternoon walking around New York and as usual, the flatiron building was a magnet. I caught him getting a picture of it with his Canon PowerShot 1200 IS which both of us consider a very nice compact camera.

Power shooter makes a power shot

Gary taking a picture of the Flatiron Building with a Canon PowerShot 1200 IS as his Canon 5D and a pile of lenses sits at his feet. Gary is an excellent photographer and can make great images with any camera. By comparison, I need a ton of gear just to make a so so snapshot.

Around the Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building from the east

New York City. This was not the best time to be shooting this spectacular building (mid-afternoon) but here we were in Madison Square Park (tripods not allowed in the park by the way) and there it was with sun almost directly above.

I put the 135 on for the next shot and got a hair and an enormous piece of crud on the sensor of my camera. Here I am in the middle of breezy, filthy (sorry but true) New York and I have to do surgery or the rest of the day’s pictures are gonna be “hairy.”

I sat myself down on a bench and took things apart and blew the hair out but not the dust. Grrr! So, the rest of the day was a struggle to stay at f/8 or bigger so as not to push the issue.

After taking the detail of the cornice I put the 35 back on the camera and didn’t dare take it off for the rest of the day. Okay, okay… maybe it’s time to get a zoom for days like this. Or, learn how to change lenses in a way that keeps crud out. I thought I was careful but I guess not. I’m not fishing for a discussion of which zoom to get, just venting a bit to the world. I’m happy with the shots so that’s good I guess.

You can get oriented (is that an appropriate word anymore?) here.

The Flatiron Building is in the triangular block just south of Madison Square Park between 23rd and 22nd and between 5th Ave. and Broadway. Broadway cutting diagonally across Manhattan made opportunities for buildings like this.

Flatiron Building from the east detail

I’m standing just inside the southwest corner of Madison Square Park here.

Flatiron Building from the north

It’s difficult to isolate the building (if that’s your aim) and the best shot of all is right in the middle of the intersection. My photo partner Ted offered to watch my back but there was no way to do it safely so I opted to stay on “dry land” and shoot from the corner. Sun directly behind the building so I suppose one could call this a solar eclipse. I’m standing on the northwest corner of 5th and 23rd here.

Flatiron Building from the west

Another solar eclipse on the Flatiron. We’ve now almost circumnavigated the building. I skipped the backside as it’s got scaffolding on it. I’m pretty happy with this image, my fav from the set. I’m standing on the west side of 5th Ave. between 23rd St. (left) and 22nd St. here.

The Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building, New York

It was beautiful in New York last night and as I was walking across 23rd St. to get to the subway to get back to Grand Central to go home I saw the Flatiron Building across the street.

For those of you who don’t know this famous building, it is wedge-shaped on a sharp corner where 23rd St., Broadway and 5th Avenue intersect. Madison Square Park is behind me here so I could have backed up into the park to get some distance but my mind was set on getting home.

Figuring out how to photograph this building isn’t easy when you’re right next to it and it was getting dark and there were no lights on in the building (on this edge anyway) so it was a difficult exposure (for me). This shot was crying out for a tripod and I didn’t have one nor was there a mailbox to lean on.

After I post this I’m hoping to find lots of other flickr images of this building so I can learn from them. I’ve got to get back there and give it another try.