Flare in the canopy

Flare in the canopy

Kent, Connecticut.

We hiked the Appalachian Trail between Hoyt Rd, on the New York/Connecticut border to Bull’s Bridge over Ten Mile Mountain. Stopping for water near Ten Mile River I noticed the sun shining through a rather dense canopy. Figured I’d try an intentional flare shot (again).

Tough to know how to meter shots like this: spot kills everything around it, center seems best and metering the entire frame kills the flare. When you want flare, you want flare.

Pelicans, palisades, palm trees, and flare

Pelicans, palisades, palm trees, and flare

Santa Monica, California.

As we were walking on the Palisades I spotted a large group of birds flying north up the coast. As they got closer it became clear that they were pelicans. It’s tough enough to shoot groups of birds flying and then, when the only way to get them is through a group of palm trees getting a decent shot is near impossible. This was the only shot I had time to take and while far from perfect, I’m happy with it as a place marker for an amazing sight to see.

I attempted this kind of shot on an earlier visit to LA and this one I got yesterday may be a bit better.

2014 shot: Pelicans, palisades, palm trees, and flare.