Reflections in Sage’s Ravine

Fall colors reflected in Sage's Ravine


Sage’s Ravine, Connecticut/Massachusetts border.

We took a nice hike down Sage’s Ravine and up onto Mt. Race. The water in Sage’s creek was low but there was a nice reflecting pool and I stopped and took a number of pictures at different apertures, less because I knew what I was doing, more because I’d forgotten which apertures I liked the effects of water ripple/reflections taken at. So, when in doubt, shoot a variety.

The problem is, I like the ripples at f/3.5, f/8, and f/11. They’re all interesting. So, I’m posting examples taken at each.

Fall colors reflected in Sage's Ravine


Fall colors reflected in Sage's Ravine


Fall colors reflected in Sage's Ravine


Water color

Fall reflection

Sage’s Ravine, Sheffield, Massachusetts.

I was back in the upper part of this spectacular ravine today doing more trail work.

The light and the fall colors were so intense in this pool I stopped to take a few pictures. The water was too still and to me, the reflected seen had no interest as it was simply the far bank of trees turned upside down.

There was no little dog to splash around in the pool to make waves so I tossed in a small rock just to mix things up. I took four pictures in rapid succession hoping one of them would have just the right amount of water movement in it. To me, the water movement gives this image a painterly feel.

Note: this image is straight out of the Fuji X70. I ran it through Lightroom to downsize it for uploading but made no adjustments at all.

Birch leaves with water droplets

Birch leaves with water droplets

Race Brook Falls Trail, Sheffield, Massachusetts.

I got word that the campsite on one of the trails I maintain needed attention so I hiked up there yesterday to check it out. The weather was mixed and by the time I got up to the campsite it was raining hard. It didn’t last and I was able to get my work done.

On the way down I got interested in the water droplets that had formed on the various leaves on the ground (of which there were many). All of these images are primarily of birch leaves with some oaks and occasional maples behind them.

Birch leaves with water droplets

I was using a new Ricoh GR II which I got because the price has come down considerably. But, I noticed that the movement of the lens during auto focus created a grinding noise. When I got home I listened to this noise and it was disturbing considering my two original GRs don’t make a noise like this when the lens extends during power up or down or during AF.

I returned the camera to B&H and will be in New York on Tuesday so will go to the store and listen to the GR II there. If the noise is in all copies, I’ll buy it again. If not, I’m concerned that quality control on this camera may be an issue.

I do like the images it made though and that’s what counts in the end.

Birch leaves with water droplets

Looking east from Schaghticoke Ridge

Looking east from Schaghticoke Ridge

Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail. Kent, Connecticut.

Hiked from Bull’s Bridge to Rt. 341 along the AT.

This is the view from the ridge looking east toward Warren (my town). You can see the Housatonic River below (Rt. 7 on the far side of it).

Fall color has peaked around here and last night the temperature got down to 30F which will let the trees know it’s time to shed more leaves. We’ve been making fires in our wood stove in the morning for a week now. I’ll be on leaf duty around our house today, both blowers will be making a huge racket and this is just the beginning, the oaks have yet to turn and let their leaves go yet (this is mostly maple, ash, and birch color).

Left my truck at Bull’s Bridge and didn’t expect to do this entire hike as I had no car at the north end to drive me back to the truck but the upside of doing this hike on a weekend was that there were other folks doing the same thing. I met up with three very nice people who I did over half the hike with who gave me a ride back to the truck. Hope to hike with them again, they were great hiking companions.

Hobblebush on fire

Hobblebush on fire

Race Brook Falls Trail. Southwest Massachusetts.

We did a day of clipping and maintenance on this trail and given that my hands were full with tools photography took a back seat.

On the way down it was easier to take some pictures and the sun was lower and so, it was top-lighting the hobblebush leaves, some of which have started to turn (ugh). Mid-August seems to be a tipping point for some plants and early fall is in the air. Dang, we were just getting into summer.