Curvaceous dunes


My flickr contact and friend Gary Sharp took this incredible shot just a moment ago on the Dellenback trail on the Oregon coast. The shadows on the dunes and the sky, wow.

He sent it to me via text and I told him if he posted it to Flickr I’d blog it. He did that from his iPhone and here it is. I tell you, this technology is pretty incredible, coast to coast in a few minutes and no doubt people in Europe and Asia are going to see this as soon as I hit “post.”

Wind on the Oregon dunes


My flickr contact and good friend Gary Sharp has captured a brewing storm kicking up a fierce wind on the southern Oregon coast with his iPhone 7.

Gary was texting me images and video in real time yesterday while he was out there and I could see on my computer’s radar that it was a big storm he was in the middle of.

This second image is actually a video* and you’ll have to click through to Flickr to play it. It’s worthwhile, the wind and blowing sand is quite amazing.

Wild wind on the dunes

*Now that Yahoo is completely broken I doubt things like video controls in Flickr embeds will be fixed any time soon. Sorry.