Playing with Bill Lauf

bill_richard_concertWe have a neighbor here in Warren who’s a folk singer and songwriter (not his day job but he’s very good) named Bill Lauf. Anne has been going to annual Bill Lauf concerts for over 20 years, me about 14 years now. We’re fans and Bill’s a great guy.

On July 10th our town’s Library had a concert/fundraiser at “Warren Woods” and Bill was the lead act (there were three other folk musicians).

Bill writes and performs almost all of his own music but during his “cover” of Ritchie Havens’ Freedom, he asked me to come up and play along on a fantastic conga that one of the other musicians brought. Never saying no to a performance opportunity I obliged and had a blast. We had ’em dancing in the isles and it was a lot of fun. Sounded pretty good I’m told too.