double exposure

Layers of hosta

Layers of hosta

Warren, Connecticut.

Decided to try an experiment with multiple exposures on a small hosta outside our house.

The Ricoh GR makes it easy: I kept going until it told me that was enough. This one was the fourth in the series which means that there are four exposures here. I got to five and it was nice too but somehow I liked this one best.

This is a fun process and the real fun will be coming up with subjects ripe for this kind of technique. Thanks Gary and others who led me into this.

Multiple exposure cubism


My Flickr contact Christophe FROT took this (these) multiple exposures with his Ricoh GR. One of the many hidden features of the Ricoh GR is the ability to take multiple exposures which is unusual for a point and shoot digital camera. This is all done in-camera. This looks like at least four if not more exposures of the same image, slightly offset to give it a cubist look.

Double ride


My flickr contact kenny created this excellent double exposure of an amusement park ride in Malaysia with his Ricoh GRD IV.

Double exposure is a skill and takes practice. The Ricoh GR (and I assume earlier GRD series) make it easy to do so it’s just a matter of finding suitable subject matter and trying it out. Note to self: do more of this, it’s fun.

Stockholm double exposure


My flickr contact Tommi Sakari took this double exposure in Stockholm, Sweden with his Ricoh GRD IV.

He used the term “fake” to describe this but in fact, I don’t consider multiple exposures in-camera as fakes nor do I consider a Photoshop manipulation like HDR or taking out a pimple on a face a fake. It takes skill to make a great double exposure as well as an interesting HDR image.

The term “fake” only has meaning if one says that the image was created 100% in-camera and isn’t manipulated (we could parse that too as cameras, including film cameras do their own things to the image).

For me, anything done downstream (post processing) of taking the picture is fair game to make a great image, as long as we acknowledge it.

Tidal pool


My flickr contact and friend Gary Sharp produced this excellent double exposure of a tidal pool on the Oregon Coast with his Ricoh GR.

I love the fact that he’s been experimenting with multiple exposure which the Ricoh GR makes relatively easy to do. More of us need to experiment with our photography but alas, in the age of online popularity, few of us ever do once we find a type of image that’s popular.