How the Eames LCW (Lounge Chair Wood) is made

Charles and Ray Eames were influential designers and this chair is a great example of how they came up with new ways to use materials, in this case plywood.

My parents had a number of variants of this chair that my father bought directly from Charles Eames at his Santa Monica studio. I always hated them; they looked great but weren’t all that comfortable. Still, I’m a fan of the Eames’ design work, it’s timeless and brilliant.

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Paul Rand

My wife and I went to a small show at the Museum of the City of New York: Everything is Design: The Work of Paul Rand. I’ve been a fan of Paul Rand since my undergraduate days in fine arts when I’d pour through his work in Adweek annual compilations. An incredible amount of modern graphic art is standing on his shoulders.

Paul Rand is best known for iconic corporate logo designs for IBM, Westinghouse, NeXT*, UPS, ABC, and more but he did all types of design work: magazines page layout, all types of advertising, IBM Selectric typewriters, and more. He also illustrated children’s books that his wife wrote: I Know a Lot of Things and Sparkle and Spin: A Book About Words.

The Cooper Hewitt has a very nice biography with illustrations: Paul Rand, American, 1914-1996, Illustrations/Objects.

There is also a connection to the work of Charles and Ray Eames here: similar Bauhaus influence and the “modern” 1950s which was wide open to this kind of work.

*The fact that Steve Jobs paid him $100,000 for the NeXT logo and corporate ID is a legendary story.


The Kid Should See This has a great post on a wonderful short film by two of my favorite designers: Tops (1969) by Charles and Ray Eames.

Photographers should make note of the shallow depth of field cinematography used in this film which was unusual at the time of its making, and, the beautiful colors filling the frame. This is more than a film about various types of tops, it’s a piece of art in its own right.

Charles and Ray Eames were American designers who contributed to many fields.

Elmer Bernstein was an American composer who did numerous film scores and did quite a bit of work for the Eames studios, including the most excellent soundtrack to this short film and the well known film: Powers of Ten which I posted about a while ago here: Powers of Ten.

Susan Kare

The Sketchbook of Susan Kare, the Artist Who Gave Computing a Human Face

I’ve known about Susan Kare since the mid-1980’s because both her icon and font designs were the “face” of the original Macintosh and stayed with us for close to ten years.

She makes and sells limited edition prints: Susan Kare: limited edition prints and has a professional web site for her design work: Susan Kare: user interface graphics.