danbury airport

Fireworks from below

Fireworks from below

Note: This was shot in 2008 and first posted in 2010.

2008, Danbury Airport, Danbury, Connecticut. These shots were done laying on my back near ground zero of the fireworks show. I was out of the way of the guys lighting off the fireworks but close enough so that I was shooting close to straight up at the explosions.

Here’s the entire set up on flickr: Fireworks from below

Fireworks from below

Fireworks from below

Fireworks from below

Fireworks from below

Fireworks from below

Fireworks from Below in print

Issue 2, 2011. Fireworks from Below

By Richard Wanderman in Wabi Sabi

24 pages, published 1/7/2011

There is beauty to be found in imperfect things. Wabi sabi is the Japanese aesthetic term used to describe it. This description and this magazine are both imperfect: thus, Wabi Sabi.These images were recorded at the 2008 4th of July Fireworks display at the Danbury, Connecticut Airport. I was able to lie on the ground next to the array of mortars used to launch the fireworks into the air and shoot straight up at the explosion patterns. From…

I’ve been meaning to do another MagCloud project and finally got around to it. Having the SSD drive in my MacBook Pro helped with the heavy lifting of picture editing in Lightroom and layout and design in Pages.

This issue of Wabi Sabi is my collection of images “fireworks from below” shot in 2008 on the 4th of July in Danbury, Connecticut. I’m pleased with what MagCloud has done with the printing and hope you will be too.

The 24 page magazine can be browsed and purchased here: Wabi Sabi, issue 2: Fireworks from Below

There is no markup, the cost of production is the cost of the magazine. If you have the MagCloud app installed on your iPad you can view the first two issues of Wabi Sabi on the iPad at no cost.

For those who missed it, here’s my post on publishing the first issue: Wabi Sabi, Issue 1.

Fireworks behind the scenes

Fireworks, behind the scenes

Click the image above to start a slide show of the various image in this set. The slide show application has various tools including a button at bottom right to zoom to full screen. Let go of your mouse or trackpad and the slideshow will run automatically to the end or until you stop it.

2008, Danbury Airport, Danbury, Connecticut. This was the largest fireworks show in Connecticut that year. The pyrotechnician who put on this show saw my shot of a fireworks show he’d put on on Lake Waramaug in 2005 and asked me if I wanted to shoot this show, from start to finish. I jumped at the chance and made over 1000 images, less of the actual show, more of the preparation.

This is what goes into putting on a medium sized fireworks display. The setup took two full days and they worked right up until the show started.