Pasadena, California. The Huntington Gardens. I was hoping for lots of things to be in bloom but it was slim pickings today. There was a nice bed of these daisies and I set up the tripod low and sat there on the grass waiting for the breeze to die down. Numerous photographers stopped to see what I was gawking at. Some walked on, not seeing the interest in this 5′ by 15′ clump of flowers. Some, however, stopped and talked and it was fun to see what their take on shooting flowers was and watch them shoot.

Only one man, from China, took his time, setting up his tripod and getting low enough to get a decent side view of the flowers. I don’t know what he got but it didn’t matter, both of us were fishing on a calm lake and we enjoyed looking at the flowers as much as the process of attempting to snag one in a photograph. I haven’t been doing much shooting lately so was a bit rusty but in fact, I think I got a nice one here.

Wilted yellow daisies

Wilted yellow daisies

Pasadena, California. I guess high summer is not the best time to photograph the herb garden at the Huntington Library and Garden. Most of my favorite plants had gone by or were wilted in the heat. Of course, I have an eye for flowers in decay and tried to make the most out of it but even the prize roses in this garden looked like I felt in the 90 degree (F) heat.

Daisies with rented Canon 180mm macro lens

Daisy with broken petals

Warren, Connecticut. I rented the Canon 180mm f/3.5 L macro lens for a week and I have to say, it’s quite a nice lens for these types of shots. The longer (than 100mm) focal length makes for nice compression and the lens makes nice colors and beautiful bokeh. It’s a beast though so one really has to use the tripod collar that comes with it. Still, if you’re into macro photography this is a lens to consider. I plan to play with it as much as possible in the next week.

Daisy with grass, driveway, and road bokeh

Daisy in early morning light

Daisy in early morning light

Warren, Connecticut. I was sitting here in my bathrobe, reading the postmortem of the big political weekend and I noticed that the morning sun was starting to illuminate the clump of daisies that my wife made me mow around (good thinking Anne). Thinking of Duncan’s flower on the other side of the world, I gathered my gear and tromped out to the daisies in my robe and flip flops. You know summer is here when you can actually do stuff like this.

This summer is going to be a great one for photography.