Reflections on the High Line

Reflections on the High Line

High Line, New York.

I was in New York a few weeks ago and walked the High Line with an old friend who hadn’t seen it since it was first opened. It was packed as it is almost all the time now and incredibly, there is more new construction going on there than I’ve ever seen before.

At some point one would think that the city won’t be able to absorb any more high end rentals (think Shanghai) but who knows?

AIDA Prima construction time-lapse

Time-lapse video of the construction of a modern cruise ship in Nagasaki, Japan. The last part of the video is the ship being christened in Hamburg, Germany harbor during a festival they were having there.

I can’t stop watching this. The tinker-toy modularity of it, it’s fascinating. And, like watching heavy, large commercial airplanes take off, it’s hard to fathom that this thing floats with all of that steel in it.

Cranes on the High Line

Cranes on the High Line

New York.

Approaching the north end of the High Line, Gary and I came upon a large construction site with lots of exposed ironwork and more cranes than I’ve ever seen before at a single site.

There are six cranes showing on the image above, seven on the one below (actually eight in the image blow if you count the one attached to the left edge of the building). Amazing.


Bay Crane

Bay Crane

North end of the High Line, New York.

It’s amazing how much new construction is going on along the High Line. Who would have thought turning a rotting elevated train platform into a park could transform some tough neighborhoods?

This is right next to the Penn Station rail yard and a very large building is going up with many cranes working the site. This monster was parked off to the side and I could not resist taking a picture of it. It looks like a cross between a weapon and a space vehicle. There may be larger mobile cranes but I doubt they’re much larger.

Can you imagine trying to drive this rig around New York?