Using flickr for a collection of collections

Check out the Roswell2K Route 66 VW Beetle Road Trip for a nice use of flickr for a collection of collections of images.

This is a creative use of one little used aspect of flickr for organizing and presenting collections with thumbnails showing what they’re about.

[via Coudal Partners Blended Feed]

Shards and Stuff

Shards and Stuff

I made and collected a lot of “things” when I was a potter in the late ’70s. If you click on this image it will take you to the flickr page on the picture and as you point to the different objects popup notes will give you a bit more info on them.

In the near future I’m going to set up a macro stand and retake pictures of objects like these with a newer setup and see what they’re like. If anything comes of it I’ll post the pictures here.

The box that contains these old shards contains many others and it’s like finding an old Joseph Cornell box looking through it. It’s a snapshot of a life I have not thought about all that much for over 30 years but which has been preserved through these objects which each has a story. Of course, remembering those stories is another “story.”