Clouds, snow and shadows

Cirrus clouds on the AT

Cirrus clouds on the AT

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.

We took a hike south on the Appalachian Trail along the Housatonic River and as we got out onto a big field this amazing clouds blew into view above the ridge to the west. I took ten shots and the clouds were moving so fast that each was completely different.

We hiked all the way down to Kent and then turned around and came back. A few hours later, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Spring-like melt

Spring-like melt

Out in the middle of a big field there were still patches of snow on top of the grass but they were melting fast. This seems very odd for the end of February; last year at the same time we were snowshoeing on this field.

Low light scarecrows

Low light scarecrows

By the time we returned the sun was very low making for some great shadows, including our own. The Ricoh GR is in my right hand.

Morning clouds over Los Angeles

Morning clouds

Los Angeles, California.

For the past few years my routine trips to LA to visit my mother have been on United in “economy plus” which gives a bit more legroom. I used to get regular business class upgrades but United started charging both miles and money so I skip them.

I have to have an aisle seat; at my age I can’t make it across without using the restroom at least once. This flight was overbooked and after everyone got settled a gate agent came on board and moved me to a remaining business-class seat which was a window but which I gladly took. While getting up to pee mid-flight involved intricate gymnastics to climb over my deeply sleeping row-mate, I did get to do a bit of shooting out the window which I enjoyed doing in years past and missed.

Taking off from LAX on a 6:00 am flight affords some great morning light. Even though the right wing and engine was in my way I knew the Ricoh GR had enough resolution to afford cropping so all I really had to do was get the metering right so the wing and engine didn’t affect what I wanted from the clouds and make sure the camera didn’t focus on the window.

Small squall, small island

Soyuz landing

Expedition 42 Soyuz TMA-14M Landing (201503120102HQ)

My flickr contact NASA HQ PHOTO posted this great aerial image of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft coming down, ferrying astronauts back to earth from the International Space Station.

The Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft is seen as it lands with Expedition 42 commander Barry Wilmore of NASA, Alexander Samokutyaev of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and Elena Serova of Roscosmos near the town of Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan on Thursday, March 12, 2015. NASA Astronaut Wilmore, Russian Cosmonauts Samokutyaev and Serova are returning after almost six months onboard the International Space Station where they served as members of the Expedition 41 and 42 crews. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Rivers and their clouds

Rivers and their Clouds

Over the Midwest, US. Small clouds low to the ground in the mid-afternoon cast wonderful shadows which, seen from above make cloud photographs much more interesting. Over the years that I’ve been flying and looking out the window I’ve noticed that clouds seem to follow natural changes in the landscape: mountains, hills, and in this case, two small rivers. I wonder if this is coincidence or there’s some other piece that aligns these two visual but separate natural formations. These rivers are running close to north toward south which means the clouds are possibly perpendicular to the prevailing wind and weather which generally flows from west to east or northwest to south east.