ceramic sculpture

Pod and Recliner

Pod and Recliner

Kent, Connecticut. Another view of two of Joy Brown’s ceramic sculptures. The pod is a large, hollow ball that joins dozens that Joy has made over the years. These are environmental sculptures that one can place out on a lawn or in a garden and move around experimenting with various configurations.

Joy’s figures, while not explicitly feminine capture feminine gestures, like the hips and legs of this figure from this angle. It’s one thing to photograph a woman lying back, looking for the right pose and feminine detail, yet another to take a month to build that pose from scratch out of clay. This is, no doubt, one of the many things that makes Joy a successful artist.

Joy Brown’s pottery

Smoke and ash flashing on pottery

Joy Brown lives and has her pottery studio five miles up the road in Kent. I’ve known her for a while now and while I met her through her ex-husband (we drummed together) I now consider her to be a good friend.

Because I have a background in ceramics, hanging out at a successful, working pottery is not novel to me but it is novel these days; up until last year I hadn’t touched clay in over 25 years. But, Joy has me making things again if for no other reason, to put them in her huge anagama wood fired kiln which is fired once a year and takes a week to fire.

Anagama kiln warming fire

That fire is going on now and I routinely volunteer to stoke for a day or two. I helped yesterday for a while and while there, wandered around her place taking pictures of her work which is scattered all over the place, tucked into weed patches and piled in the woods.

Joy lived and studied in Japan for many years so her work is heavily influenced by traditional Japanese ceramics. I think her work is outstanding and it’s a lot of fun to photograph. Check this flickr set for more of it. I’ll be taking more pictures today and adding them to this set.